My work this week has been mostly focused around social awareness type subjects:

THD2018 poster

Tom Hanks Day 2018 social media graphic for Lifeline Energy’s facebook page

International Tom Hanks Day 2018 – social media graphic

This graphic was for the International Tom Hanks Day campaign. The story goes that 6 students ended up having a Tom Hanks movie marathon on April Fool’s Day about 15 years ago. It was so memorable that they repeated it the next year, and the next… It became an annual event for these guys. Somewhere along the line they started hosting events to raise funds for a charity that Tom Hanks himself has chosen to support, namely Lifeline Energy. Tom Hanks somehow heard about the Annual Tom Hanks Day, and started donating autographed memorabilia to be auctioned at the #THD events. All proceeds go directly to Lifeline Energy, who design and manufacture wind-up and solar-powered radio/MP3 players to be used in areas without access to education and electricity.

I am not a party animal myself, so wouldn’t go to one of the THD events even if I were in Chicago, or other venues – but I do like the idea of supporting this cause. And what better way than to grab some popcorn and a couple of Tom Hanks movies to enjoy at home, still joining in the fun of the day, while being able to donate online too. (o: That is how this graphic idea was born. (the typewriter is a Tom Hanks thing… his followers know what that is about (o: )

woman and thorns

cover art | Africa’s Daughters

Africa’s Daughters – Graphic Design

Africa’s Daughters was a ‘spontaneous’ graphic design for a certain project I was working on this week. “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” and apparently this works with design too  – “Out of the overflow of the heart, the designer designs”. (o: I have been very aware of the plight of women recently in situations and societies where they are seen as beautiful and fragile, and with limited or no ‘rights’ sometimes. And their reality can be harsh as a result of how they are treated or expected to behave. The other side of that though, is how strong that makes these women. It is a fragile beauty.

Keep your heads up ladies and live with dignity. You were created in the image of God and are important too, no matter what anyone else thinks.


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