The Christmas tree decorations are barely back in storage, and I see my local supermarket has already got a big, in-your-face Easter egg display ready. These guys don’t waste time! And soon the shops will become overpoweringly red-and-white while Valentine’s Day merchandise is punted. Eeek.


I just finished designing some Valentine’s Day printables for dreamstime. But could not bring myself to do the whole ‘red, white and frilly’ thing. It just isn’t me.


The subconscious inspiration:


My parents, who have always been the best of friends, have said many times that “every day is valentine’s day” for them. When they have bought cards for each other, there hasn’t been the regular commercial clichéd stuff involved (unless they were clowning around). They prefer to write their own messages. So, with their down-to-earth ways as inspiration and my love for simplicity, I made these cards with clean lines and geometric jewel-shapes. The idea is that when 2 people come together in love, it is a beautiful thing. That speaks for itself – it doesn’t need to be dressed up in red frills. (o:


valentine's day printable





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